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The Eight

Follow the lives of these late-model stock car drivers as they run ‘The Eight’ a fast paced daredevil competition that pits driver and machine against the treacherous figure eight.

Ghostville – All things paranormal

Paranormal Documentary Shows Where Ghosts Reside, Fear is Sure to Follow When the living choose to seek communication with the souls of the dead, tempt fate by calling forth spirits in a state of unrest, tread where fear is sure to follow, they may find that all roads lead to Ghostville. Filmmaker Dan T. Hall’s seventh paranormal documentary, Ghostville, again focuses his camera on the world of the supernatural, as he chronicles the exploits of paranormal investigators seeking confirmation from the other side. Follow these citizen ghost hunters first into the Glore Psychiatric Museum, which rests on the grounds of St. Joseph, Missouri’s, State Lunatic Asylum No. 2, which opened in 1874 and closed with countless tormented souls of former patients still roaming the deserted halls. The museum is filled with barbaric “therapy” devices and personal belongings left behind. Then it’s on to Indiana’s own Owen County Home, built in 1878 to house the poor and the mentally disturbed. With a number of recorded incidents of violence occurring on the property, more than the walls are talking. Investigators have captured electronic voice phenomenon (EVPs), heard demonic growls and even been chased from rooms. These ghost hunters — including psychics Marilene Isaacs, Cassidy Owens and Anara Whitebear; paranormal groups Living Dead Paranormal, Scientific Minds Paranormal and Night Stalkers; and investigators Jason Wilkerson, Jill Werner and Tim Poyter — have but one mission. Bring back evidence of contact with the spirit world. But once you’ve been to Ghostville, can you ever really leave?


Lucky Teter and His Hell Drivers

n 1933 a young Indiana native set out to make his mark in the fledgling sport of the Automobile Thrill Show. From his early beginnings in Worster Ohio with single car rollovers to commanding performances with his “Rocker Car Leap” in front of tens of thousands of fans Lucky Teter would form the greatest touring group of daredevils and stuntman the world had yet seen. This feature documentary includes rare archive footage, photos, and radio interviews. In addition includes spectacular stunts automobile stunts preformed by Lucky Teter and the modern day versions by Toni Peterson’s Hell Drivers. 48 Minutes

Two Films Pack

587: The Great Train Robbery and Lil Treasure Hunters

587 The Great Train Robbery
A group of children and their dog try to save an old steam locomotive and its conductor from the scrap yard. On the day of the big race, Alex and his friends line their soapbox racers up at the top of the steepest and longest hill in the neighborhood. With his sister Molly watching from the sidelines, the checkered flag waves and the race is on! After a slow start, Alex deploys his secret fifth wheel and accelerates from last place to the head of the pack. But the incredible speed gained is countered by complete loss of control as he rushes headlong into Deadman’s Curve and crashes through an old wooden fence. After the dust settles, Alex discovers a fully-functional steam locomotive, “The 587” – destined for the scrap heap. He and his sister Molly devise a plan to rescue the antique engine with the help of an old engineer, Russel, his dog, Sparky, and about every kid in the neighborhood. Thus begins their awesome adventure.
LIl Treasure Hunters
ine-year-old Molly Brown lives and breathes the river. After her mother died, it’s been her, her dad Paul, and Cappy, her ailing grandfather. With Cappy’s medical bills, Paul’s only choice is to sell everything and move. But Molly can’t leave her friends, and especially the river. She has to make a plan!
Years ago, her mother used to tell tales of a lost treasure hidden on the banks of the river—but was it just a legend? It’s up to Molly and her friends, the “lil river rats,” to journey into the unknown, find the treasure, and save Molly from moving.

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